TU Dresden

How the Writing Centre supports you

Hi, I'm Alex! I’ve just written my thesis here at TU Dresden.
And it wasn't so easy at first...
I always thought that writing wasn’t a problem for me and I started working on it a pretty relaxed way.

But I kept finding more and more sources and lost track of what I was actually trying to find. So when I started writing, I noticed that I had no structure and no solid grasp of the topic.

I couldn’t even manage to write one decent sentence.

I told my flatmate Felix about this and - as always - he had a good idea: I should take a look at TU's Writing Centre. On the website, I found some tips using the online information desk. What’s more, you can get individual support at the Writing Centre, for example during a so-called writing marathon and as part of the writing counselling. Students can get all support free of charge.
This was exactly what I was looking for, so I immediately made an appointment for the writing counselling. And went by the next day.

Once I was at the Writing Centre, I noticed what a good thing it was.
This is where learning and writing groups are organised and workshops are arranged. I felt in good hands at the Writing Centre.

This is certainly also due to the fact that many services are carried out by student tutors, my peers so to speak.