Data Creativity Score - Erklärvideo und Imagefilm

Is creativity in campaigns worth the money? Yes it is. Because we can measure it. Finally.

In a world of performance paranoia, everything becomes measurable. Except for creativity: the last black box in the marketing performance management… is now open.

Every minute, big digital behavioral data about campaigns is generated. We established a sophisticated set of algorithms and tools to measure creativity and broke it down to three C’s.

C1, or Concept, tells if the Campaign is perceived creative and how. C2, or Activation, tells if products or brands gain benefits. C3, or Impact, tells what is left when there is no media, or as we see it, the true power of creativity.

The DCS enables brands not only to compare their own campaigns and learn from the past but also benchmark with their competitors and see what the others might have done better. Since the DCS shows live figures, campaigns can even be optimized real time on the flight while everything is still on-air.

By evaluating more and more campaigns every day, trommsdorff + drüner is establishing the world´s biggest creativity database and is soon able to predict what kind of creativity it takes for a good campaign. Therefore the DCS is the door to the world of data-driven marketing and empowers company´s data transformation.